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Life | 30 December 2021

Good Bye 2021...You Were Great!

Terrance Gammage

Good morning, Good Evening and Good Night, wherever you are when you’ve clicked on this blog. LISTTTEENN!!! 2021 was...

Family | 19 February 2022

Viva Las Vegas!!

Terrance Gammage

What’s up, Guys! So happy you came back to check out another throw-up moment for me! My wife and I recently ...

Shooting | 18 October 2021

Intro To Field Agent Status

Terrance Gammage

What’s up, Gang Gang! It’s been a minute since the last time I’ve come baring gifts of the pen...BUT I”M BAAACKKKKKKK!!

Family | 25 November 2021

Daddy Daughter Range Day

Terrance Gammage

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night to you wherever you are in the ...

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