Life | 30 December 2021

Good Bye 2021...You Were Great!

Written by: Terrance Gammage

Good morning, Good Evening and Good Night, wherever you are when you’ve clicked on this blog. LISTTTEENN!!! 2021 was an amazing year! Before I say goodbye to it, I’d love to walk back over the year and just share some highlights and standout moments that existed for me.  In June, I put together the “IG Range Day”. This day consisted of about 30 plus ladies and gents from around the state of Florida, as well as, Georgia and Alabama. This event was brought on by seeing a group of guys out of North Texas do the same thing. So I decided, “Why. not start a IG Group Chat with a few people that you chat with often?” Well, I did and the IG Content Extravaganza (what a corny name lol) was birthed. It went over without a glitch. Many of those guys established friendships for the first time that leading up and then on the event and have maintained those friendships since then! 

Three of the guys, Triggered_Dad (Dalton), Darius (DeeezGains) and Josh (JayWeth) have remained super close FRIENDS and our relationships have flourished. We formed a group since then called #SquadDrills. Our goal is to bring ladies and gentlemen together to train and enjoy the growing pains of firearms safety and proficiency. Our motto is “Progress Not Perfection”. We believe that learning, growing and getting better at our love for firearms shouldn’t have to be done through yelling, screaming and profanity! Getting better should be met with smiles, laughing and correction through love; that’s how we build bonds and grow our community. 

Meeting JJ Racaza, International Super Star, Grand Master and all around Amazing Guy, was another treat for 2021. I’ve not only gotten to shoot with some great people but I’ve also grown in representing the brand of Brownells. We’ve been able to do so much through the affiliate brandchamp side of Brownells. 2021 was largely made possible due to the generosity of Brownells. Not only being able to offer such affordable prices for everyday use items in our field, but their extremely quick shipping adds to how special they are. I’ve been approached by a few other companies to represent them via social media and I’ve denied it. I’ve turned it down 1) because I’m not one to just mention your name for name sake. 2) I’m just a country boy from Avon Park, FL. I’m no paid solicitor nor do I desire to be a spokesman for a company that I don’t even know. I’m thankful for Darius getting me connect with such a company as this. I believe in everything they believe and have connected with many other Field Agents that absolutely rock! It’s safe to say that I see myself being a Field Agent for Life and I love it!

Hello, 2022! This year I welcome you but I don’t welcome you alone! This time I’m coming with a SQAUD! We’ve met and began to carve out a path for ourselves and The Four Hoursemen, along with the rest of the squad, will most definitely be causing waves in the Gun Community this year. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for others to connect with and grow with, then look no further. No only do we gather frequently to train and have fun, we also communicate off the range to keep each other accountable. We believe in Husbands being faithful to their Wife and vice versa. We believe in Fathers being active in their children(s) lives. We honor Family being first before a range day or event. We prize ourselves on promoting a healthy balance to life and firearms and not just following the recent and latest trends. If that’s you and you want to shoot with some others guys and ladies, you should comment and let me know. We’d love to have you out to shoot with with us. Bring your good drills with you and let’s have a go at them all.  We’ll see you at the range in 2022!

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