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Viva Las Vegas!!

Written by: Terrance Gammage

What’s up, Guys! So happy you came back to check out another throw-up moment for me! My wife and I recently celebrated our 12 years wedding anniversary and we did it in high fashion! We checked off a trip we both had been desiring to do since before we got married; travel and experience Las Vegas! Today I’ll share a few pictures of our trip but I if I may, I’d like to also share why such a milestone of marriage is important to me. The Gammage’s met in Tampa, Florida at Revealing Truth Ministries in 2003, dated for 4 years and have been married for 12 years. I attended Avon Park High School, in Avon Park, FL. and continued my studies at the University of South Florida where I obtained an Associates in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors in Special Education. I’m also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor, Proud Bureau of Propaganda Field Agent and owner of Gammunition Arms Training, LLC. My wife attended Tampa Bay Technical High School and is a certified Organizational Specialist and owner of SoVari Tidy Organizing and Purging.

Avari and I are true leaders in the Christian community who share our gifts through teaching and song. We have written and produced Christian music and performed nationwide. We’ve have been intentional in merging our respective talents in the music industry. With my skills in teaching and rapping and Avari’s illustrious voice and developmental skills, we have achieved many milestones. One was when we were both signed to Sound Right Music/DMG of Universal with five recorded and released albums between the two of us. We’ve traveled around the world preaching the gospel through Teaching, Hip Hop and R&B, branched out and produced three solo albums, Love Destroys the Pain (2007), Breeding Grounds (2010) and Mahogany Doors (2017), wrote and sang the jingle for It Works! company, co-wrote 2 albums for Revealing Truth Ministries, co-wrote and recorded the Validated Men's Group Anthem called “Validated” and also wrote and sang the theme song for Outreach and Global Missions called Beautiful Tapestry.

Faith is the center of the our family as well as an emphasis on the family. We are dedicated members of Revealing Truth Ministries, and hold several roles and positions of leadership amongst us. I’m a Pastor of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, a Youth Pastor of U.R. Student Ministries at Revealing Truth Ministries, and a Spiritual Marriage/Pre-Marital Counselor. I’m also a founding member of Psi Mu Epsilon Fraternity, Inc., a faith based greek organization focused on God, Servanthood, Trust, Boldness, Peace, Discipline, and Spiritual-Growth. My lovely wife is also an ordained Pastor and mentors young ladies with a mission of helping them to see beyond their reality and find hope. Avari also oversees the Creative Arts Ministry at Revealing Truth Ministries and has been leading Worship at our local church for over 12 years and is honored to usher in the spirit of Christ and lead people to worship. We hold dear to Servant Leadership and value greatly serving the community and the Body of Christ through Revealing Truth Ministries and honoring our Pastors, Bryan and Rashida Powe, and the Legacy of our Founding Pastors, Greg & Deborah Powe. Despite all of our achievements, we believe our most honorable gift in our union are our two kids, Londyn (9) and Ryley (7). Although we have very busy schedules, we continue to keep the stewardship of our kids the center of our focus and are always willing to make time for their favorite musical or animated movie. Our Family mantra is centered around being mindful that today we are building on the foundation. For us, it's always building season. You never arrive. This way of life has been the strength and key to keeping a cohesive family unit. We move as one, laying brick by brick with caution and care. With my background as a certified SYMBIS Marriage Counselor, we have been afforded the ability to have tools to be happily married. Our commitment to one another has been tried, tested and is proven to be true. Whenever I’m asked about the keys to a successful marriage, I reply, "A successful marriage yields their desires and motives to the Holy Spirit. The number two secret to having a successful marriage is to never compare, never complain and to never compete. You two will make history together; for the positive or the negative."

Happy Anniversary, My Love!

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