Shooting | 18 October 2021

Intro To Field Agent Status

Written by: Terrance Gammage

What’s up, Gang Gang! It’s been a minute since the last time I’ve come baring gifts of the pen...BUT I”M BAAACKKKKKKK!! From the title you can possibly gather where we’re going with this one. Today I want to bring you guys up to speed on a new amazing opportunity I’ve been given. The title of Field Agent is usually reserve for one who works for an organization outside of the 4 cornered office. A Field Agent’s office of choice is usually that of the open road, shaking and baking, the highways and the hedges...You get where I’m coming from. A Field Agent is one who represents their organization wherever you see them at. Have you heard of the company Brownells, Inc.? If you’re connected in anyway to the 2A Community, you’ve heard about, ordered from or liked something they’ve produced within the last week and possibly didn’t even know it. We’ll, I’ve been rewarded with one of the greatest honored I’d say I’ve received since starting my 2A Journey; I’ve been selected to be a Brownells, Inc. Bureau of Propaganda Field Agent and I couldn’t be more happier. In addition to receiving amazing discounts on amazing products and specific items needed to work, I get the amazing honor of representing this company and the high quality products.

Something I’ve love to highlight from Brownells are the amazing Premium Branded Earmuffs. Not to many, electronic ear pro isn’t something new; and I agree. I’ve owned several different types of ears in the past and many are great at parts of what they claim to be able to do. I’ll be honest and say Brownells has claimed to do a lot and they’ve actually succeeded! Immediately after unboxing them, you feel the the quality in the padding. Again, other headphones leave you wanting more in the padding department. No one wants sounds seeping in but we also don’t want to sacrifice hearing for comfort. These head phones have sound activated compression technology as well as fully dynamic range HD Speakers. If you tend to run extra equipment that requires an input jack...then you’re in luck! One of the highlights of these particular ears are that they are tuned to increase natural sounds around the range bay and immediately dampens guns shots that are around you. I absolutely love these things. I mentioned it earlier but the padding surrounding these ears are spectacular! The rating of 23db is another plus. These ears are the pair you want in your Range Bag.

In closing, I plan to bring to the table and highlight a lot more products and equipment from Brownells. Not only am I raving about their products but the customer service is second to only my mother; because even my wife gets fussy every now and then. If you’re planning to purchase anything 2A related in the near future, please do yourself a favor and visit Listen, they’re so amazing that they’ll give you $10 off your purchase just by signing up for their email. What else can I say about this new Field Agent position other than be prepared to hear me blabbering about this company a lot in the near future! Until that read...Yawl Be Blessed!

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Terrence A. Gammage

NAR Pistol Instructor


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